Working in partnership to drive healthcare innovation for Leeds

The University is continuing to play an important role in helping improve the health and wellbeing of the city.

Leeds University working with the Leeds Academic Health Partnership. October 2018

Three years after becoming a founding member of the Leeds Academic Health Partnership (LAHP), the University continues to support its projects, including new plans to develop a Leeds Health and Care Academy.

Underpinning Leeds’ ambition to be the best city for health, the Academy will bring under single management the training and professional development of the 57,000-strong Leeds health and care workforce.

Due to go live next year, the project will involve the University helping to position the Academy at the forefront of digitally-enabled learning, with a curriculum based on world-leading evidence and research.

Jo-Anne Wass, LAHP Chief Operating Officer, said: “The University is an invaluable partner in helping us achieve our aims to drive healthcare innovation, quality and efficiency, to reduce health inequalities and to attract inclusive economic investment for our city and city region.

“Our transformational projects are testament to the strength of collaboration and consensus across the partnership in which we are ultimately working to help people live healthier lives for longer.” 

LAHP brings together leading expertise from all the NHS organisations in Leeds, three of the city’s universities and Leeds City Council.

With the health and care system in England facing some of the biggest challenges in its history, the situation requires innovation to find transformative, sustainable solutions. 

The Partnership, one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, identifies and implements innovation and attracts inward investment that responds to the challenges facing health and care, including reducing health inequalities across the city.  

As a collaborative partnership, LAHP has world-class expertise at its fingertips. It discovers solutions that operate at the limits of science, uniting the full research and educational expertise of universities, such as Leeds, with the strengths of the health and care system.

Another example of the Partnership’s pioneering work is the Leeds Centre for Personalised Medicine and Health – an LAHP project hosted by the University.

Personalised medicine moves away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach in treating and caring for people with a particular condition. It harnesses technological and medical advances to enable more informed decisions, so therapies can be carefully targeted for each person. That means a health condition can be prevented, managed or treated in an individual, or ‘personalised’, way specific to their needs.

It also focuses on improving the speed and quality at which new health and care technologies are evaluated and adopted into the NHS.

LAHP’s strategic priorities and its membership are explained in this short film and more details about its work are available on its website.  

University staff interested in this work, and who would like to explore the potential for contributing to it, are invited to email the LAHP team for an informal chat or call 0113 343 3308.

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