Parkinson Building improvement works

Major works to improve access to the Parkinson Building will begin on Monday 15 October.

A digital representation of what the new external lift outside the Parkinson Building will look like

A digital representation of what the new external lift outside the Parkinson Building will look like. October 2018

The project involves upgrading the steps and handrails, together with the installation of an external lift, making it possible for wheelchair users to enter the building using the main entrance.

The Parkinson steps have been an iconic gateway to the University since its opening in 1951. Although a major focal point for student and visitor gatherings, the steps are one of the most inaccessible parts of campus. 

The University is keen to address this and ensure all visitors, students and staff are able to enter this iconic building via the same entrance, have the same experience and be equally inspired.

Works are scheduled to run until May 2019, and will take place in two phases.

The first of these will feature the improvement works to the steps and handrails. This area will be boarded off and only one entrance door will be open during this time, limiting access into the building from Woodhouse Lane.

Phase two will involve improvement works to the remaining steps, together with the construction and installation of an external lift. This area will be boarded off, with pedestrians diverted into a protected walkway along a small portion of Woodhouse Lane. 

Staff and students are advised to enter the Parkinson Building from internal access routes leading from Baines Wing and the School of Chemistry during both phases of the works.

The University apologises for any inconvenience caused and thanks staff, students and visitors for their patience during this time.

Email Estates Project manager, Mark Lines,or contact the Estates helpdesk on 0113 34 5555 for further information. See the Campus Development website for the full disruption notice and project updates.

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