Free staff access to publications

Staff can now get free online access to the Financial Times, Times Higher Education and extended newspaper archives.

The University Library now has a new online subscription to The Financial Times (FT) available to all staff and students. Click on the 'Financial Times –' option when you register via the above hyperlink.

The first time you access the FT website you will need to create an account using your Leeds email address. The FT site will recognise the '' part and redirect to our login page. You will then be able to see the full text of articles. If you already have an FT account, everything will transfer over so you won’t lose your alerts. You’ll be guided through the re-registration process.

Staff and students can also access the Times Higher Education for free, negotiated by the Library earlier this year.

Other new purchases include two brand new archives:

The Library has also increased the range of years staff and students can access some of its existing archives:

  • Economist (now 1843–2014)
  • Financial Times Archive (now 1888–2016)
  • New York Times (now 1851–2014)
  • Times Digital Archive (now 1785–2012)

Visit the Library website to find out more about access to the full range of newspapers.

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