New Electric bikes added to staff try-cycling scheme

The Bike Hub now has four brand new electric bikes on offer as part of the staff try-cycling scheme.

Lucy Stuart, Sustainability Project Officer, riding one of the electric bikes

Lucy Stuart E Bike October 2018

The E-bikes – part-funded by CityConnnect as part of the Gold Accredited Bike Friendly Business Award the University achieved in May 2018 – are hybrids that have a battery pack attached to the frame, making cycling possible for a wider range of people.

With an E-bike, users are able to overcome barriers such as low-levels of fitness, lack of confidence, steep hills and long distances. The bikes require pedalling at all times to make the battery kick in and you can choose how much, or how little, assistance you require. Studies have shown that e-bikes provide meaningful moderate-intensity exercise and allow people who are less confident or older to enjoy the fantastic sport of cycling.

Leeds has some of the worst air quality and congestions problems in the country, so the University is keen for colleagues to saddle-up for the morning cycle commute and help reduce pollution. Leeds has an extensive network of bicycle lanes and the Bike Hub can offer route planning advice and guidance.

The E-bikes are available to hire for a one-month period for just £20 (+£100 deposit). This short period is intended to introduce staff to the concept of commuting via bicycle and allow them to build confidence on the roads without the commitment of purchasing a bike.

Free give-it-a-go sessions are being held on Thursday 11 October (10am to 1pm) and Monday 15 October (noon to 3pm). Drop in to the Bike Hub during these times or email the transport team to book a 15-minute trial.

Email the Bike Hub to join the waiting list to hire one of the E-bikes.

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