Let's pedal our way to victory!

Cycle September is running until 30 September and the University would like to invite you to take part.

Cycle September 2018

We are currently in third place on the local leader board and need just 19 riders to sign up to help us take the second place.

It's a fun, free competition where we're competing to see which workplace and departments can get the most staff cycling. There are also lots of prizes you can win by saddling up, and for encouraging friends and colleagues to do the same.

Don’t worry if you haven’t cycled for years, you only have to ride a bike for at least 10 minutes for your participation to count towards our team's score, and you can ride anywhere, anytime during the challenge.

If you ride already, simply link up your current activity tracker to log your rides automatically.

It just takes two minutes to register by signing up to the University team to help us pedal our way to victory.

Contact the Sustainability team for further information.

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