Packed programme of events for National Inclusion Week

Making Leeds a beacon of excellence for Equality and Inclusion in the higher education sector.

National inclusion week logo August 2018

This is the vision for the University as it reveals a packed programme of events to celebrate National Inclusion Week (24-30 September) for the second year in a row.

Staff and students are invited to attend a wide range of initiatives on offer, which highlight the University’s distinctively international and diverse community.

Sabiha Patel, Head of Equality and Inclusion in the Equality Policy Unit (EPU), said: “We value your support in making this week a success.

“It’s your opportunity to step out from your familiar environment and team to meet other colleagues or students with different experiences and perspectives that add to our rich campus environment. It’s also a chance to reflect on your own experiences and how your everyday work can enhance equality and inclusion.”

This year’s theme is ‘Renewing our commitment to everyday inclusion’. 

The University of Leeds is working in collaboration with Leeds University Union and Leeds Beckett University to stage events throughout the week. Details are listed below or download the programme.

Contact EPU or call 0113 34 36973 for further information.

Community Arts Display by School of Medicine – Weeklong, Level 8 corridor, Patient Carer Community Room, 8.27, Worsley Building

A display of art works created through Leeds Institute of Medical Education’s Inclusion Outreach Projects. This has involved working with local community groups, including Leeds MIND, People in Action, Big Issue in the North and Age UK Over-55's LGBT Group 'Out in Leeds'.

Diversity lunch/Inclusivi-tea (Faculty of Medicine and Health) – Weeklong, FMH Faculty Offices, Level 9, Worsley Building

‘How often do I take a break with the same people in my workplace?’

Staff in the Faculty Offices will be connecting with new people from across the faculty teams. They will be holding shared lunches, with staff supplying food with a cultural or personal significance to kick-start the conversations.

With Inclusivi-tea, colleagues will be encouraged to make a brew for someone new and start a conversation beyond their usual team.

Monday 24 September

Sensory garden launch – 11am to 2pm, Charles Morris Hall, at the corner of Cromer Terrace/Mount Preston Street

We are pleased to invite you to the University’s launch event for National Inclusion Week 2018.

Francesca Fowler, Director of Human Resources at Leeds, will officially open the sensory garden at Charles Morris Hall between 11 and 11.30am. All staff and students are welcome to explore the garden throughout the day.

Studying Without Family Support: a drop-in information session – 2 to 4pm, SR (G.03) Baines Wing

Are you studying at the University without support from your family? Or maybe you teach or support such estranged students and want to find out more about the challenges and the help available?

Drop in to meet Lisa Firth – our main contact for estranged students – for an informal chat about the difficulties of studying without parental support and what help is available. You can also feed your ideas into our ongoing discussions about how the University might improve and extend the support it offers in future. Refreshments and biscuits will be available.

Tuesday 25 September

Everyday Inclusion in Everyday Teaching workshop (session one) – 11am to noon, location provided after booking directly with Organisational Development and Professional Learning (OD&PL)

How well do you know your students? Is it acceptable that some students have an advantage over others because of their linguistic or cultural background, or the way they learn? Come and find out.

You have recently taken over from your predecessor, who has left you their learning and teaching materials. You are going to be teaching first year students on an undergraduate semester one module. The materials and activities need improvement to ensure they are inclusive of the needs and backgrounds of your students. 

Are you up to the task?

The University has recently committed to a baseline of inclusion in learning and teaching. This interactive workshop will help you reflect on, and share, your existing practice. Participation is welcomed from student education and supporting roles, as well as those currently involved in teaching.

This one-hour workshop is being offered twice during National Inclusion Week 2018, and is open to members of the public who are involved in teaching and/or supporting adult learners. Book your place.

Facilitators – Jenny Brady, Disability Co-ordinator, Disability Services; Kirsten Thompson, Digital Practice Adviser, Organisational Development and Professional Learning

Chinese name pronunciation workshop, hosted by the Language Centre – noon to 1pm, Hillary Place SR (G.18)

Have you ever wondered what the correct pronunciation of the last name Zhang is? You may be surprised to learn the ‘zh’ sound is actually more like a ‘J’ sound (as in the name John). Join us and learn tips and strategies that will help you better pronounce the names of the Chinese students you work with. 

This workshop is led by a native Chinese speaker, Joyce Cai, who works at the University Language Centre. Participants will leave this one-hour session able to comfortably pronounce the names of students from mainland China. Register to attend.

Rainbow Plaque Trail, hosted by Leeds Beckett University – noon to 1pm, Leslie Silver Building, glass entrance next to the Soft Cell Plaque

The Rainbow Plaque Trail was launched at Leeds Pride, with plaques placed in prominent locations of significance to the LGBT+ History. In partnership with Leeds Civic Trust, and sponsored by a range of local organisations, the plaques make the stories more visible. LBU will lead an organised walk to celebrate and highlight the history, events and people that have influenced the LGBT+ heritage in Leeds. Register to attend.

Our campus union UCU’s intersectional approach to equality: What Does it Mean to be an Inclusive University and Union, locally hosted by UCU Trade Union – 3 to 4pm, Maurice Keyworth SR (1.04)

This will be an open interactive workshop to map out key equality issues, as experienced by members. The presentation will also discuss what the campus union has done on the equality front (from gender pay gap to immigration), which approaches were taken and what results were achieved. All staff and students welcome. Register to attend.

Wednesday 26 September 

The Great Diversity Bake Off at the Faculty of Biological Sciences – 10.30 to 11.30am, Miall Level 7 Reception

Following last year success, the FBS Equality and Inclusion committee is organising the Great Diversity Bake Off competition. If you have a great idea for a cake or pastry to represent and celebrate diversity in our University, please get in contact with the Equality and Inclusion coordinator Yoselin Benitez-Alfonso. There are prizes for the best bakes. All members of staff and students are welcome to coffee/tea and a piece of cake.

A Pint Sized Conversation (performance one) – 11am to 12.30pm, Worsley Building SR (9.60) 

A theatre piece about depression made by those with close family and friends who experience it. Presented by Dylan Frankland, Rosa Day-Jones, Tobias Grace and Katherine Lea. Open to all staff and students. Visit the website for further information, or Facebook (A Pint Sized Convo) and Twitter (@PintSizedConvo). Register to attend.

Everyday Inclusion in Everyday Teaching workshop (session two) – noon to 1pm, location provided after booking directly with OD&PL

See the session one details (above) for further information. Register to attend.

A Pint Sized Conversation (performance two) – 2 to 3.30pm, Worsley Building SR (9.60)

See the performance one details (above) for further information. Register to attend.

Draw the Line: Hate Crime Support Project drop-in session – 11am to 2pm, LUU Foyer 

Where do you Draw the Line when it comes to hate crime and harassment on campus?

LUU and the University both have a zero-tolerance policy towards hate crimes and hate incidents. Any student making a report will always be believed and supported.

If you have experienced or witnessed a hate incident, then come and discuss it with our trained Student Ambassadors. They can provide you with information on hate crimes, give you reporting options and information about where to seek support. Light refreshments will be provided. Visit the LUU website for further information.

Unity Canvas Event, hosted by Leeds Beckett University – noon to 2pm, Leeds Beckett Gateway city campus

All students and staff are invited to help create a ‘Unity pledge’ artwork by leaving their painted handprint on special canvasses. The handprint serves as a symbolic assent to a ‘Unity Pledge’, acknowledging mutual responsibility, respect and concern towards all the people who work and study at, and visit, the University. See Leeds Beckett University Equality and Diversity website for more information.

Thursday 27 September 

Bring YourSELF to Work Day at the School of Healthcare – daylong event, Third Floor Lounge, Baines Wing

Staff in the School of Healthcare will be sharing their life outside work, with a display showcasing their interests, talents, passions and hobbies. There will also be a cake sale from 11am to noon on the day, with proceeds going to the School’s chosen charity – BLURT.

WorkFit presentation – 2 to 3pm, Parkinson Building SR (B.08) 

Workfit is a Down’s Syndrome employment programme that connects employers with dedicated, talented employees with Down’s Syndrome, matching the right skills to the right roles. Please join Cat Rolley, Employment Development Officer, who will discuss Workfit and offer advice for inclusion at work when employing those with Down’s Syndrome. Ailith Harley-Roberts, from Sunshine & Smiles, a Leeds-based support network for families with a child or young person with Down’s Syndrome, will also present on some of the organisation's recent work. Register to attend.

‘Hidden Figures’ (2016 PG) film screening – 3 to 5.15pm, Michael Sadler SR (LG.19)

The Faculty of Engineering is delighted to invite all staff and students from across the University to a screening of Hidden Figures, which explores the impacts of racial discrimination within the workplace whilst celebrating the hidden contributions of black women to one of America’s proudest achievements – space exploration. Starring Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer and Janelle Monáe as mathematicians Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, Hidden Figures tells the story of racial segregation within NASA during the space race of the 1960’s. Register to attend.

Friday 28 September

Lunch and Learn: Supporting Working Carers – noon to 1pm, Parkinson Building SR (B.09)

This session is a chance to find out more about how you can help to support working carers, either as a line manager or as a colleague.

Did you know one in nine workers in the UK are also unpaid carers of parents or friends? These working carers often have to continually juggle work and caring, meaning they can struggle staying at work. 

Line managers have a critical role in recognising the needs of working carers and supporting them where we can. 

Carers Leeds is joining the University celebration of National Inclusion Week to provide information, advice and guidance about working carers. The organisation will explain who working carers are, explore the issues for working carers, why it’s important we support working carers and what we can do to support them. It will also advise what sources of help are available to managers and colleagues.

Being a working carer is a growing trend and so we invite you to register for this lunchtime presentation to find out more. The presentation begins at noon, followed by lunch and networking at 12.45pm.

Ethnicity Pay Gap presentation, hosted by EPU – 1 to 2pm, Parkinson Building SR (B.09)

The ethnicity pay gap is a longstanding phenomenon in UK society, but how do we define it? What does the data show and what actions can we take to eliminate it? Join Dr Kyle Griffith, of EPU, for a discussion of the 2017 ethnicity pay gap report published by the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Register to attend.

Meet Author Lisa Kelly, hosted by Leeds Beckett University – 1 to 2pm, Leeds Beckett University, 101 City Campus Broadcasting Place A

Chat with Lisa Kelly, author of Becoming Lisa – a book about small town homophobia and bullying of those who do not fit in. See Leeds Beckett University Equality and Diversity website for further information. 

One and Only You? Individuality and Technology's Response to a Future of Personalised Approaches at the Faculty of Biological Sciences – 2 to 3.30pm, Worsley Building SR (8.94n)

The FBS Athena SWAN, in collaboration with the FBS Equality and Inclusion team, will be holding a seminar and panel discussion session. The seminar will be given by Professor Lisa Collins (School of Biology), who will discuss her research, and her career pathway to date. The panel discussion will focus on potential barriers to career progression (e.g. gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, age) and how these can be overcome. All welcome.

‘Inclusivity in Medical Education: What Does It Mean To You?’, hosted by the School of Medicine – 2.30 to 4.30pm, Worsley Building SR (8.34b)

A discussion event for medical students exploring inclusion in Medicine and Health.  Participants will be invited to collaborate to design posters for display at the upcoming national Diversity in Medicine and Health (DIMAH) conference in Liverpool and in the Worsley building. Light refreshments will be provided. Register by Monday 24 September using the password ‘LIME’.

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