Library talks appeal

Leeds Central Library is seeking researchers to deliver talks on a broad spectrum of subject matters.

A series of similar events have been staged during the past two years by the Library’s Information and Research Department, bringing people together to discuss issues including the environment, law and criminal justice, politics, sociology and social policy.

Topics to date have included ‘happiness’, ‘friendship and loneliness’ and Artificial Intelligence.

With the programme now being scheduled up to March 2019, it offers plenty of public engagement opportunities at the venue for University researchers.

Inga Kobzeva, Information and Research Librarian at the Library, said: “We are very interested in expanding our collaboration with academia and in a variety of research topics.

“I hope University colleagues may be interested in delivering talks at the Library. We’re looking forward for collaboration opportunities and will be delighted to work together.”

Earlier this year, Dr Charlie Dannreuther, lecturer in European Political Economy in the School of Politics and International Studies, delivered a two-hour talk at the library about ‘What does it mean to be a citizen?’

He said: “The conversations covered an extraordinary range of topics, many drawing on personal experience to illustrate universal themes. It was a bit different, low cost, low risk and a lot of fun.

"There are also instrumental outcomes, too! This little experiment will be repeated next semester and we intend to make it increasingly focused in response to the debates. By November, we hope to be in a situation where our group will be ready to take on a panel of experts and bring a genuinely different voice to a debate that will have relevance to post BREXIT discussions.”

Contact Inga Kobzeva at if you are interested in delivering a talk at the Library or email for further information about Public Engagement opportunities and resources available through the University.

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