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The Leadership Excellence Behaviours describe how we can all work positively and successfully, regardless of our role, and provide a Framework to support your personal and professional development.

Leadership Excellence Behaviours September 2018

The Leadership Excellence Behaviours Framework was developed in consultation with colleagues across the University. It’s made up of nine behaviours that reflect skills colleagues described as being particularly important:

  • Purposeful Leadership,
  • Strategic Thinking and Decision Making,
  • Creativity and Innovation,
  • Collaborative,
  • Communicating with Impact,
  • Delivering Results,
  • Developing Others,
  • Resilience and Adaptability; and
  • Self Awareness.

The Framework provides examples of the ways these behaviours can be demonstrated through how you take responsibility for yourself, for leading others and for leading across and beyond the University.

Ann Meredith, Director of Professional and Organisational Development said: “The behaviours described are relevant to everyone at our University. We have deliberately used the term leadership in the title as we can all demonstrate leadership, regardless of our job role or level. The behaviours that we each demonstrate on a daily basis create the working and learning environment that our colleagues, students and partners experience.”

The Framework also provides a shared vocabulary to describe and develop positive leadership behaviours across the University. It will be integrated into the ways we recruit, develop and progress our people at Leeds. You may want to think about how you currently demonstrate these behaviours in preparation for your next staff review and development discussion, for example, or when applying for a new role.

The Behaviours play an integral part in our learning and development opportunities, and leadership programmes. We have developed a 360° Behaviours feedback tool which can help you to identify your strengths and what others value and appreciate about you alongside areas which may be of benefit for you to develop further.

Sarah Gray, Head of Leadership and Professional Practice said: “The Leadership and Professional Practice team in OD&PL are keen to work with colleagues across our University to discuss how the Framework can be used to support you and your teams. If you would like to find out more about the behaviours or the work that we are doing, do not hesitate to get in touch through email.”

Visit the Leadership Excellence Behaviours website for more information.

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