Congratulations to technical staff receiving Sustainability awards.

Congratulations to all technicians who were nominated for Sustainability awards this year. Here are some of the sustainable projects that have impacted technical staff.

The FBS technical and teaching staff received the runners up prize in the “Making the most of Resources” category for two projects they have implemented over the past year. Chris Jones (FBS Teaching Laboratory Manager) worked with Rose Bavage (FBS Outreach) to supply local schools with surplus laboratory equipment.

Over 100 test tube racks and more than 2,000 individual items of glassware were donated to 10 schools in West Yorkshire. There are further plans to donate surplus microscopes when over 60 will be replaced this year.

In addition, the Lab Assistant team, managed by Luke Blumler have implemented a new lab coat management system where individuals no longer have their own lab coats. Now they can drop off dirty lab coats and pick up a clean lab coat, (colour coded for size), whenever required. This has freed up storage space in labs, reduced the amount of time spent checking labels, sorting coats and chasing missing ones. It has allowed hundreds of lab coats to be reused, and means there is no need for new lab coats to be purchased.

The technicians nominated for this were David Sharples, Jenny Baker, Luke Blumler, Tracey Carroll-Gauci, Carole Sowden, Will Porter, Tomy Jenkins, James Altringham and Norman Chan.

Winners received their award from Sir Alan Langlands.David Sharples, Luke Blumler and Chris Jones received their award from Sir Alan Langlands

Lab and Infrastructure Manager, Marie Parker at St. James's campus manages a team of support staff and her nomination in the “Sustainable Purchasing Award” category has helped to reduce the workload of technical staff in her area. Marie received a runners up prize for her work with purchasing teams, suppliers and key stakeholders to create a more effective and efficient procurement programme.

This has reduced time spent processing orders, reduced the number of deliveries (and carbon emissions) and led to significant savings. 

If you would like more information about any of these projects please contact Chris Jones, Luke Blumler or Marie Parker.

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