Moving payslips online

The University is ceasing production of printed payslips for employees in all areas, for a greener more sustainable process.

Following a successful trial during the past 18 months, the switch is being made to using the Employee Self Service system to view payslips online.

Hundreds of staff have already opted to move to online access; there are a number of advantages to accessing your payslips through the Self Service system, including:

  • security – staff need their IT username/password to access them, either on campus directly or through Desktop Anywhere off-campus
  • instant access – you'll be able to see your latest payslip three working days before pay day
  • remote/global access – if you can log in to Desktop Anywhere (see above link) you'll  be able to access your payslips remotely
  • payslip history – you can access up to seven years' worth of your previous payslips online; and
  • carbon footprint – you'll be contributing towards the University's work on green impact and sustainability.

You will be able to save your payslip as a PDF or print it out, if you need to.

The timetable below shows the month in which staff will receive their final hardcopy payslip:

  • July – Finance, IT and the HR Directorate
  • August – Environment, MAPS and Engineering
  • September – Corporate and Central Services
  • October – ESSL, AHC and LUBS
  • November – Medicine and FBS 
  • December – Facilities Directorate.

Please contact Payroll (ext. 39838) or your Faculty/Service HR team for further information and see the HR website for guidance about accessing your payslips online.

And see the HR website for guidance about accessing your payslips online. 

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