New version of Investigator Grant Report

A new version of the Investigator Grant Report has been launched as part of the Phase Two development of the KRISTAL grants management system.

The big change is for grant holders whose budgets have been set up in a foreign currency – principally those funded by the EU Government. Previously, the budgets for these were inaccurate as they were converted at the exchange rate applicable when they were set up. As a result of the EU Foreign Currency module delivered within KRISTAL Phase Two, the University is now able to record claims for these grants within KRISTAL, and value expenditure at the rate used for each claim, as well as easily updating the rate to be used for any unclaimed budget.

This information is now being used in the Investigator Grant Report, so for the first time the University can provide investigators with an accurate budget and outstanding value for these grants.

There is no change to the report layout or how it works. As before, the report allows grant holders to easily monitor the status of their grants. Summary screens show at a glance how your portfolio of live grants is performing against budget; from these you can explore to find more detail. Other screens show recent expenditure, commitments and income for any period you wish to view.

There is also a spreadsheet version, which will be emailed to grant holders after each month end. The format of this is similar to the QlikView report, but with information spread across a number of tabs that can be accessed directly or through hyperlinks.

The online version can be accessed through the Reporting Tools section in the KRISTAL portal via your University log-in, together with a quick-start guide.

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