USS Pension: Joint Expert Panel meeting (1)

The first meeting of the Panel took place on 31 May and an update from that meeting is now available.

The update is available on the UUK website.

Within the update, the Panel issued an invitation for submissions:

"The Panel agreed that initial submissions from stakeholders should be sought on the 2017 valuation and in particular on: the three tests used by USS; the prudence or otherwise of the assumptions used by USS; the strength of the covenant; and alternative valuation models and assumptions to those used by USS.

"Submissions on these matters or comments for the attention of the Panel are warmly welcomed and should be sent to"

The Panel has since held its second and third meetings and we will share updates from those meetings on the USS pension reform For Staff pages when available. 

Over the summer the Panel is due to meet regularly and to then report on the 2017 valuation in September 2018. 

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