Mobile polling/voting tool demonstrations

The University is exploring the potential to procure an institution-wide mobile polling/voting tool or platform.

Leeds wishes to consolidate the broad range of in-class polling solutions presently in use across campus to reduce the current support burden and costs.

Mobile polling/voting tools are used within teaching. Students access a platform or tool via their own mobile device (phone, tablet or laptop) to participate in quizzes or voting.

Ultimately, we intend to procure a new tool or platform to enhance the learning experience of our students, with ease of use for teaching staff.

It is anticipated the new tool will be integrated with the Virtual Learning Environment, also known as Minerva.

If the procurement proceeds, it is anticipated the new system will be piloted by a small group during 2018/19, with institutional roll-out provisionally planned for September 2019.

The Project Delivery Group has developed a robust selection of functional requirements, which formed the foundation of the tender application process. Six suppliers have been selected to pass through to the next stage of the process. They will now be invited to provide a demonstration of their tool/platform against agreed classroom scenarios.

Should you wish to participate in the demonstrations, you will need to be available on the following dates: Monday 4 June (9.30-11am), Tuesday 5 June (1-2.30pm), Wednesday 6 June (9.30-11am and 12.30-2pm), Thursday 7 June (3-4.30pm) and Friday 8 June (2.30-4pm).

Please send your name and details (job title, department/school etc.) to Gail Hardwick, Digital Education Service Project Manager.

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