Homestay families needed

Do you have a spare room? The Language Centre is looking for families who can host international students when they come to study at the University.

The students will be studying at the Language Centre and will require a place to stay that is within 40 minutes travel time from the University.

Being a homestay host is a rewarding experience which involves taking care of an international student living in your home. You are not only providing them with a bed, food and place to study, but you are also providing guidance and an insight into life in the UK.

While homestay hosts are expected to fully engage with their student, it is a commitment which can fit around work and family life.

It also provides a way to earn some extra income; hosts will receive £23 per student, per night. Hosts would also provide breakfast and dinner on weekdays, and breakfast, lunch and dinner at the weekend.

The periods of each homestay vary from three weeks to six months.

If you are interested, contact the Homestay Coordinator, Jodie Drive, by email or call 0113 205 3447.

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