Sustainability Awards 2018: nominate now

Do you know of a staff member or student who has gone above and beyond to champion sustainability?

Nominations must be for one of the six award categories:

Embedding sustainability through collaboration

Have you worked with colleagues across the university to deliver change, a great new programme or shared your use of space and/or equipment?

Building knowledge and capacity

The University carries out world-class research and education, and is at the forefront of delivering sustainable change. Therefore, we would like to hear of anyone that has firstly, helped to deliver innovative or distinctive teaching to educate students or staff on sustainability. Secondly, someone who has incorporated the concept of a ‘living lab’ (research carried out on campus or in the local area that links to operations). And thirdly, anyone that has shared expertise across the campus or within the local area – or all three!

Being a positive partner in society

This award is for anyone that has helped the University to become a positive partner in the community. This could be in many different forms such as fundraising, volunteering, education or collaboration with local businesses while also ensuring that the University is an open and welcoming space to develop knowledge and skills.

Making the most of resources

This award recognises activity that is helping to improve our environment or manage impacts. You could’ve helped create new habitats, saved energy or water, experimented with new sustainable materials, improved recycling or led on ways to reduce waste.

The Sustainable Purchasing Award

This award celebrates those who have improved the sustainability of purchasing at the University. You might have influenced the purchase of a particular item in a school or service, had a successful sustainability outcome in a tender or challenged a system-wide issue that led to improvements.

The Student Sustainability Award

This year, there are two awards which celebrate student commitments to sustainability both through curricular and research work and also through volunteering activities and non-curricular projects.

The Significant Contribution to Sustainability Award, highlights any stand out student-led, non-curricular work which has had a positive impact across the campus or Leeds community.

The Curricular and Research Innovation Award can include any original work at the University that has took place this year.

For curricular applications please use this submission form.

For the two awards categories, we accept submissions from both undergraduates and postgraduates, and from all disciplines.

Send all nominations to by Friday 18 May. Nominations should be no longer than 250 words and can include photos.

Those shortlisted will be invited to the awards on 13 June.

Find more information on the Sustainability webpages

Read the University's Sustainability Strategy.  

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