New Health and Safety Policy launch

The 2018 Health and Safety Policy has been launched.

2018 Health and Safety Policy launched April 2018

Following extensive consultation throughout 2017, the original policy has been reworked to take account of all the feedback.

Broadly, the policy comprises the University’s own commitment to Health and Safety (in the form of the Health and Safety Policy Statement) and the responsibilities of staff and students. This is broken down, in the main, into four clear staff groups – all staff; academic leaders, line managers and academic tutors; Heads of School/Service and members of the University Executive Group.

Responding to requests during the consultation for extra supporting materials, we have also produced a range of leaflets setting out actions staff can take to meet their responsibilities. These are available in hard copy (via your Health and Safety Manager) or electronically.

Health and Safety Managers will coordinate briefings on the new policy through local Health and Safety Committees and other key meetings.

Visit the Health and Safety Policy website page to view the full policy.

Contact your Health and Safety Manager for further advice, support, guidance and hard copies of the leaflets.

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