Piers Sellers Prize lecture: 19 March 2018

Professor Mark New will be receiving the Piers Sellers Prize for a world leading contribution to solution focused climate research and giving a public lecture. Book to attend.

Lining up for water 2017

Director of the African Climate and Development Initiative (ACDI) at the University of Cape Town, Professor New, will be presented with the Prize at the special event, at which he will deliver “Anatomy of a water crisis: climate, demographics, communication, behaviour and politics in Cape Town”.

The topical lecture – which falls in the same week as World Water Day (Thursday 22 March) – will analyse the factors that have combined to set South Africa’s capital on a countdown to “Day Zero” (now projected to be in July 2018) when the city’s taps will run dry following a one-in-384- year drought.

Place are free but must be reserved in advance. Book via Eventbrite.

The award is one of two bestowed annually in the former astronaut and climate scientist’s name by the Priestley International Centre for Climate. This year, the award reflects a long contribution, based on interdisciplinary research outputs and evidence of resulting impacts on climate solutions.

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