Guidance for trans staff and students

The Equality Policy Unit has published a new guidance document for staff on supporting trans staff and students.

The Parkinson building was lit in rainbow colours in February 2018 to celebrate LGBT month

Rainbow Parkinson to celebrate LGBT month February 2018

This is phase two of our work on this equality area, which supports the implementation of the University’s Trans Policy, which was approved in February 2017. 

The guidance aims to provide more information on the practical aspects of support, such as change of name and gender, toilets and changing facilities, supporting students on field trips, supporting staff and students undergoing transition etc. 

It should be particularly valuable to managers, personal tutors and student support colleagues.

We encourage colleagues to use this resource and provide feedback on its content and value. 

Our next phase of work is to consider training for groups of staff raising awareness of the lived experiences in a university setting and how our practices may be enhanced to make our community even more inclusive.   

Please contact Sarah Sutherland in the Equality Policy Unit for further information.

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