Meet the new Student Exec for 2018/19

The new LUU Student Exec has been voted in. Find out who they are and what they stand for.

LUU Student Exec 2018/19

Top l-r: Lauren Huxley, Serene Esuruoso and Matt Port. 
Bottom l-r: Tom Oladipo, Tamsin Scott and Robbie Cairns.

7,600 students voted in this year's Leadership Race and the results were announced on 2 March 2018. 

Equality & Diversity Officer - Tamsin Scott

Tamsin pledged to:

  • Increase links with sexual health clinics
  • Raise awareness of LGBTQ+ issues
  • Raise discussions of sex and gender with the University.

Activities Officer - Lauren Huxley

Lauren pledged to:

  • Make sure students know their reps
  • Create platforms for societies to work with the community
  • Reward voluntary Union staff.

Welfare Officer - Matt Port

Matt pledged to:

  • Encourage safer student drug use
  • Improve mental health support
  • Tackle stigma around periods.

Community Officer - Tom Oladipo

Tom pledged to:

  • Simplify plastic recycling
  • More practical cooking classes and workshops
  • Introduce a food, accessories and clothes exchange program.

Education Officer - Serene Esuruoso

Serene pledged to:

  • Improve timetabling and module choices
  • Improve exam resources to include minimum past papers
  • Integrate joint honours students into both their schools.

Gryphon Editor - Robbie Cairns

Robbie pledged to:

  • Engage more with societies
  • Give the paper a design face-lift
  • Provide more investigative journalism.

Union Affairs Officer - Chris Morris

Chris pledged to:

  • Provide better mental health services
  • Ensure new spaces are used in the best way
  • Deliver better value for money.

* This article has been updated following an appeal, which originally saw the result of the Union Affairs category postponed. A randomly selected student panel, in accordance with LUU's bye-laws, was formed and presented with all the information. The panel chose to uphold the Returning Officer’s decision by 10 votes to three.

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