Deadline approaching for reporting your public engagement activity

The University has to report all its public engagement activity to HESA (the Higher Education Statistics Agency). Make sure your work is included: add the details to Symplectic by 20 October.

The University has to report to its public engagement activity to HESA for its Business and Community Interactions survey.  We take the information for our report from the Symplectic database, so make sure you have recorded all your public engagement activity there.

Please make sure you do this by Friday 20 October

To create a new PE activity record, simply:

  • Log in to Symplectic using your IT login
  • Scroll down to ‘Professional activities’ and click on the +add button to select the ‘Public Engagement Activity’ field, which opens the form
  • Activities can be of the following types: public lecture, performance arts, exhibition, museum education, school outreach, workshop, festival/fair stall, social media/blog, community event, focus group, interest group, patient group, and other. This covers events and activities with non-academic audiences.  Feel free to use ‘Other’ if your activity seems not to fit the listed ones.
  • You can list people who were involved with the activity, e.g. colleagues including people not from the University
  • There are a few more fields to fill out, which are self-explanatory
  • At the end don’t forget to press the ‘Save’ button and you are done!

For questions, please contact the Public Engagement team (31149).

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