Changes to expense rates

Effective from 18 September 2017, some of the University's Travel and Subsistence rates will be updated.

The changes form part of the ongoing project to introduce a new travel booking system for the University. 

The changes are:

  • an increase to the maximum mileage rate to 45p per mile (applicable to the first 10,000 miles in any tax year only);
  • an increase in the maximum contribution per head per year for staff functions to £10;
  • an increase in the amount claimable for travel expenses from petty cash per person per week to £10; and
  • an increase in the maximum rates permissible per night per room have been increased in accordance with the table below.


If you have any queries regarding these updates, please contact Ellie Griffiths or your local Finance Manager.

If you have any queries regarding the new travel booking system, please see the Purchasing Intranet pages for more information, contact your local Satellite Purchasing Manager or contact Zoe Jones.

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