Do you use virtual reality in your teaching or research?

If you do, or you would like to be involved in using virtual reality technology, let us know by this Friday (8 September).


Virtual reality (VR) is poised to become the next ‘disruptive’ technology and has the potential to revolutionise teaching and how humans interact with their computers.

We already have many strengths in VR.  For example:

The University has established a working group to see how we can support VR in our teaching and research activities. The group aims to explore how we can best support staff in this area, and facilitate multi-disciplinary initiatives.

If you currently use VR in your teaching or research or you would like to be involved in using it, please let the working group know. 

Use this link to record your details and provide a couple of sentences describing your existing or desired use of VR.

The deadline to do this is Friday 8 September.

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