Success at Global Entrepreneurs Bootcamp

Our Year in Enterprise students have returned from KAIST University in South Korea, where they won a competition which involved pitching in front of a panel of entrepreneurship professors.


Owen Seabrook, a Film, Photography and Media student at the University, recounts the experience:

"Heavily immersed in South Korean business culture in one of the country’s leading universities for entrepreneurship, the KAIST Global Entrepreneurship Camp featured seminars on the business development process, talks from established business owners and professors, and visits to other companies.

Team workshops required us to apply our knowledge to meet the camp’s overall challenge: pitching a viable business solution to KAIST’s panel of entrepreneurship professors. I’m very pleased to say that, thanks to our great teamwork, my group won the competition and we were each awarded a certificate and prize by KAIST’s Start-Up Studio Director, Byoung Yoon Kim.

I attended with my cohort of Year in Enterprise students – four of us in total – on behalf of our university’s start-up support scheme, SPARK. At KAIST, we worked alongside a multitude of nationalities, backgrounds and disciplines, which ultimately led to a greater learning experience as we were each able to contribute new perspectives to the challenge. As a Film, Photography and Media student with an enterprise in the field of media production and marketing, I could bring a different approach to the pitch than my teammates in Engineering, Physics and Computer Science. Where I focused on visual elements like our presentation, logo and promotional video for our product, my team worked on research, prototype app development and refining the business model. This led overall to a stronger finished product, especially since we were all able to give input, criticism and feedback to each other’s work and collaboratively come to a more substantial conclusion.

It wasn’t all work, however. On the evenings we were free to visit the campus town and Daejeon (the nearby city) to relax and experience Korean culture. From beer and fried chicken nights to karaoke bars and table-top barbecues, we were truly immersed in the South Korean culture, which for many of us was a brand new experience. One of the highlights of the trip was our day-long visit to Jeonju, a traditional Korean shopping town.

I had a great experience at the camp and I am very grateful to SPARK for sending us. It was a fantastic opportunity that has developed me in many ways and will influence the course of my Year in Enterprise to come."

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