Phishing email: be alert

Users are currently being targeted by a phishing email with the subject “EMAIL CLOSSURE” - please delete it.

This email is a hoax and can be deleted; you do not need to forward it to IT Service Desk.  IT has now closed down the link to the site in the email, but remember you should always be careful when clicking on links in emails.  

The University would never email asking you to re-confirm your password or account information.  These emails are an attempt to gather personal information or gain access to your account(s).

If you receive a phishing email:

  1. Forward the email (as an attachment, using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + F) to
  2. Delete the email
  3. If you have clicked the link and entered your username and password contact the IT Service Desk , 0113 343 3333 as soon as possible.

You should always be careful when clicking on links in email or opening attachments. Clues to help you spot phishing emails include:

  • It comes from an unexpected address - always check the actual return address and not just the 'advertised' one
  • It may have poor spelling or grammar, or use a lot of capitalisation
  • There may be a threat - e.g. click on the link now or your account will be suspended
  • There is no further contact information.

You can find more advice on dealing with phishing on the IT website.

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