UCEA 2017-18 final pay offer (26 May 2017)

A final 2017-2018 pay offer from UCEA is with trade unions for member consultation.

The Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) and Higher Education trade unions have recently held a series of meetings as the New Joint Negotiation Committee for Higher Education Staff, (‘New JNCHES’) to discuss the 2017-18 pay offer.

UCEA represents the University of Leeds and 147 other HE employers.

Over the course of the meetings, the original offer was improved and trade unions are now consulting with their members about the final offer.

The main points of the final UCEA 2017-18 offer, are:

  • a 1.7% increase on base pay from 1 August 2017;
  • a 2.4% increase (rather than 1.7%) for point 2 on the New JNCHES scale, with rates higher than 1.7% also applied on points 3 to 16;
  • further joint work on two important issues: the gender pay gap and ‘casual’ working arrangements.

Nationally, the 1.7% base pay increase, plus the service increments that around half the sector’s staff are likely to receive, means the offer constitutes a sector pay increase of around 3.2% (without counting the extra uplift on points 2 to 16).
For University of Leeds staff employed on the University salary scales this would mean an annual increase of:

  • at least 1.7% for all staff;
  • higher than 1.7% for staff on points 2 to 16, impacting on grades 2, 3 and 4, benefitting over 1300 people;
  • at least 4.7% for staff receiving service increments (1.7% base pay increase + 3% service increment, benefitting 49% of staff, almost 3500 people).

For staff who are awarded additional increases based on their performance, their annual increase would be 4.7% for those awarded a discretionary increment (1.7% base pay increase + 3% contribution increment), or 7.7% where they are awarded an additional increment on top of their service increment (1.7% base pay increase + 3% contribution increment + 3% additional scale increment).

Trade union positions

All unions will consult their members on the final offer and noted at the final meeting that the outcome was the best that could be achieved through these negotiations. The unions expect to conclude member consultations by early July 2017.

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