Sustainability Awards 2017

Our annual Sustainability Awards have celebrated the work that has gone on this year and the people that have contributed to creating positive change on campus and further afield.

The winners were:

Embedding Sustainability through Collaboration

Nominees comprised of staff or students who have shared skills, ideas or resources across the campus to ensure sustainable practice and values are embedded into the University culture.  This could include working together, reusing, buying collaboratively and sharing best practice.

Staff winner: Grounds and Gardens
Student winner: George Middlemiss

Building Knowledge and Capacity

This category involved those who have helped to educate staff or students on sustainability, who have incorporated the concept of a ‘living lab’ and have shared expertise across campus or the local area.  This could encompass skills linked to employability, local projects or an engaging and vibrant campus.

Staff winner: The Priestley International Centre for Climate
Student winner: James Patrick Glover-Ochiltree

Being a Positive Partner in Society

This award includes individuals or groups who have helped the University to become a positive partner in the community through either fundraising, volunteering, education or collaboration with local businesses.  This could promote an opening and welcoming campus, involve cultural activity or see individuals acting as responsible members of the city.

Staff winner: Georgina Binnie for the Writing Back Project
Student winner: LUUMIC (Music Impact in the Community)

Making the Most of Resources

Nominees include staff or students that have implemented policies, ideas or encouraged behaviour changes to ensure efficient and effective resource management.  Nominations could focus on reducing and reusing, sharing, travel, self-generated energy or performance targets.

Staff winner: Re-use at St Marks Residences
Student winner: Ravi Toor
Team winner: Olivia Miller and the Cleaning Services Team

The Sustainable Purchasing Award

This award celebrates those who have encouraged best practice and innovation in University purchasing.  Nominee’s may have been involved in the process of purchasing more sustainable equipment or products.  In previous years this category has included looking into supply chains and creating sustainability procurement targets.

Winner: Chris Askew, PCB

The full details of all the winners and nominees can be found in the programme.

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