National Clean Air Day

To mark National Clean Air Day the University is rewarding any member of staff who actively travels to work with a free breakfast.

Whether it’s walking, cycling or simply sharing a lift, we hope to encourage staff to leave their cars at home for the day to adopt a cleaner, more sustainable travel method.

If you opt for a more sustainable commute on Thursday 15 June come and tell us about it at our stall outside the Union. A delicious array of healthy breakfast dishes, including fresh fruit, pastries and porridge, will be served outside the union from 8:30 – 09:30 in the morning. Come along and grab yours before it’s gone! We’ll even have our very own Bike Doctor on site to give your two wheels the once over while you wait.

National Clean Air Day brings focus to what we can do about air pollution – to both protect our health and reduce pollution levels. The day aims to give everyone the knowledge needed to respond to air pollution. For example, did you know that avoiding a busy road and walking down a side street can cut exposure to pollution by 20% or more? Or that cars gather pollution from the vehicle in front, meaning that car drivers can be exposed to significant pollution too?

As part of the day there will also be a stall outside the Union where representatives from the National Centre for Atmospheric Science and Global Action Plan will be available to discuss air quality in and around Leeds, answer your questions and provide advice on how you can help to reduce pollution.

To find out more information on about the campaign, or to make your own Clean Air pledge, visit the website.

We look forward to seeing you on the day!

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