Pre-election guidance

The Secretariat has issued guidance on restrictions during the pre-election period.

The pre-election period (or ‘purdah’) is the period of time immediately before an election or referendum. Purdah has begun and will continue until the new government is formed.

During this time, certain restrictions are placed on public bodies, civil and public servants. Universities have charitable status which means that they are also bound by some pre-election restrictions.  

The key principle underpinning these restrictions is that the University as an institution cannot be seen to be endorse or criticise political parties or candidates, or seek to influence the voting public.  The University can express support for a particular policy that is relevant to higher education (for example, emphasising the importance of funding for research) but cannot align itself to a political party.

If you need more guidance about how these restrictions may affect your activities – for example if you are hosting events or visits on behalf of the University during this time – please contact Guy Dixon, Secretariat, on 0113-34-31028.

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