50 plays in one evening at stage@leeds

The acclaimed one-minute play festival, Gone in Sixty Seconds (Gi60), comes to stage@leeds this Saturday (13 May), promising an evening of energy and variety for participants and audience alike.


The Gi60 festival was started by Steve Ansell, production manager at stage@leeds, back in 2004 as a way of creating more opportunities for writers to have their work staged.  It has been running every year since, in partnership with Brooklyn College in New York.  In 2015, the Hagley Theatre School in Christchurch, New Zealand, joined the festival.  Each year, the live performances in all three countries, each featuring 50 one-minute plays, are recorded and the videos uploaded to Gi60’s YouTube channel.

Watch some of the previous years’ Gi60 plays.


Following this year’s performances, you’ll also be able to join the cast and writers for a special event to mark the launch of One Minute Plays: A Practical Guide to Tiny Theatre, co-authored by Steve Ansell and Brooklyn College director Rose Burnett Bonczek.  Written as a handbook for anyone interested in super-short-form plays, the book includes:

  • an anthology of 200 one-minute plays selected from the annual Gone in 60 Seconds festival
  • a toolbox of exercises, methodologies and techniques for educators, practitioners and workshop leaders at all levels
  • tips and advice on the demands of storytelling, inclusivity and creative challenges
  • detailed practical information about creating your own minute festival, including play selection, running order, staging and marketing.

Book tickets for this year’s Gi60 festival.

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