Pore over the wonders of science at the local pub

Pub goers can pair their pint with the latest scientific research as the University of Leeds brings Pint of Science to the city’s local watering holes.


Leeds is joining over 100 cities around the world that will be taking part in this global festival from 15–17 May. Our researchers will be speaking at six pubs across the city with a variety of talks including 'How to build a magnetic planet' and 'Green skin care, myth or reality?' 

Marieke Pingen, Leeds Pint of Science organiser and postdoctoral research fellow, said:  “Pint of Science is returning bigger and better for its second year in Leeds. We’re excited to be bringing more world class researchers out of the university and into the pub to tell you about the amazing science happening in the city.”

Over 40 Leeds researchers will be leading the unique line up of talks as well as fun, science-related activities including live experiments, science comedy and fun quizzes. 

Pint of Science schedule:

  • Planet Earth - The Brunswick
    • Climate: Local solutions to global Problems, 15 May 7pm
    • Bioenergy: Solutions before chaos, 16 May 7pm 
    • The Earth strikes back, 16 May 7pm
  • Atoms to Galaxy - Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen
    • All the small things, 15 May 7pm 
    • Energy storage hunters, 16 May 7pm 
    • Molecules and Magnetism in Interstellar Space, 17 May 7pm
  • Tech Me Out - Dock 29 
    • Virtually real, 15 May 7pm
    • LCDelicious, 16 May 7pm
    • Future town, 17 May 7pm
  • Beautiful Mind - Duke Studios
    • Battling brain cancer, 15 May 7pm
    • Mind control, 16 May 7pm 
    • Talking heads 17 May 7pm
  • Our Body - The Social
    • The chem-mystery of life, 15 May 7pmHeart @hack, 16 May 7pm
    • Skin, care? 17 May 7pm

To see the full list of Pint of Science talks and for booking details, visit the festival webpage.

Pint of Science was established five years ago by a group of UK-based postgraduate

Pint of Science co –founder Dr Michael Motskin said: “Science can often get lost in translation, leading to the spread of pseudo-science and myths. The best way to overcome this is for people to be able to talk to scientists directly in a familiar environment, such as in a pub over a pint.”

“We are in awe of how big the festival has become over the years, demonstrating the thirst there is to hear science from the source – the scientists. The festival gives everyone the chance to pick the brains of some of the UK’s most brilliant academics, breaking down barriers and giving unrivalled access to the people behind the science.”

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