Better fire safety on campus

Weekly fire alarm tests are being introduced in all campus buildings over the coming months. Find out what this means for you.

The tests are to make sure that:

  • all fire alarm call points work properly to trigger the fire alarm sounders and send a signal back to University Security
  • all staff and students get used to what the alarms sounds like and understand the need to evacuate a building when they sound

To be effective, the tests need to be carried out regularly when buildings are in normal daily use.  The Wellbeing, Health and Safety team is working out the best time for this in each building on campus.  Once this is decided, signs will be put up in the building giving the set time and you will also get email reminders in advance.

At the appointed time the alarm will sound for 15 seconds.  You will not need to evacuate the building during the test.  However, if the alarm sounds continuously you should leave the building and follow your normal evacuation instructions.

Keep an eye out for signs and email notices telling when the test time has been set for your building.

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