Improved UniLeeds Check-in ready for testing

For two weeks from Monday 24 April we are asking all students for their help to test improvements that have been made to the Check-in attendance monitoring feature of the UniLeeds app.

Since its initial use in Semester 1, the Check-in app has been improved based on student and staff feedback, and it now includes the following functions:

  • a check-in history to allow students to see what they have checked into and make sure that their attendance has been properly recorded
  • a 'report a problem' feature so students can provide feedback to us and the UniLeeds app developer
  • a web check-in tool to allow check-in using any browser on any device connected to campus Eduroam wifi or a campus network PC.  This includes devices not compatible with the app.

The pilot will run alongside normal paper-based registration, so please don't stop using this during the next two weeks.  The paper-based records will be the ones used for the official attendance records for Semester 2 and students should still sign any registers you provide.

It is very important that you encourage your students to use the system during the two-week pilot and to give their feedback on it.  We'll use all the information we get from the pilot to make sure that the app is ready for a full launch, planned for September.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Student Education, Tom Ward, says "Attendance monitoring using check-in offers many advantages for our students, SES colleagues and teaching staff. The system is designed to be easy to use, flexible and effective, and will remove the burden of administering attendance registers from academics and SES colleagues. Please support us to thoroughly test this system over the next two weeks, in preparation for full use next academic session."

Students are receiving various communications to promote the trial period and are being directed to the app’s website at  However, it would be helpful if you could remind students to check-in at each teaching session. SES colleagues will be sent further information, including images that can be displayed with lecture presentations.

For further information and support see the IT website.