Statement: Council discussion on reform of Statute VII

The Council, the University’s governing body, has discussed the current situation relating to Statute VII. The following statement sets out the latest position.

Statute VII sets out the procedures for academic and professional and managerial staff for the resolution of grievances, and for dismissal, removal from office, and redundancy.

Council confirmed as a matter of principle that the University should not put itself in a position where it could never use SOSR - a procedure to be followed for the dismissal of a member of staff for ‘contravention or some other substantial reason’.

However, in light of UCU’s agreement on Tuesday to refer the dispute to Acas – the independent dispute resolution service - Council agreed to the University’s request to defer its decision on the full package of changes until a planned meeting on Wednesday 26 April, to give one final opportunity to resolve the remaining points of difference.  Both parties are now looking to meet with Acas in advance of Easter.

Further background on Statute VII is available in an In Depth page on this website.

Download the proposed new procedures.

The existing procedures can be found on the Secretariat website.

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