Meet the new Student Exec

The new LUU Student Exec has been voted in. Find out who they are and what they stand for.

l-r: Jess, Chloe, Jack, Zaki, George and Natasha


Activities Officer - Jess Bassett

Pledged to:
Introduce a Union loyalty card
Solve Union space stress
Improve efficiency

Welfare Officer - Chloe Sparks

Pledged to:
Focus on mental health
Prioritise your safety
Tackle financial stress

Union Affairs Officer - Jack Palmer

Pledged to:
Enhance representation
Fund the cost of living
Shape the future strategy

Education Officer - Zak Kaf Al-Ghazal

Pledged to:
Push for 24 hours libraries
Secure mental health training for Personal Tutors
Make lecture capture compulsory

Community Officer  - George Bissett

Pledged to:
Lower deposits and rent
Grant free help with bills
Create a Fruity bus

Equality & Diversity Officer - Natasha Mutch-Vidal

Pledged to:
Take a stand
Embrace diversity
Engage collectively

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