Senate elections

Elections to the Senate open soon, and there are plenty of vacancies this year for anyone interested in becoming a member.

Elections to the Senate by members of individual faculties will open on Monday 20 February.

Anyone eligible to take part will receive details by email of how to nominate a candidate. 

There are 48 vacancies in total this year spread across all faculties as follows:

Arts, Humanities and Cultures - 3 vacancies
Biological Sciences - 8 vacancies
Business - 2 vacancies
Education, Social Sciences and Law - 6 vacancies
Engineering - 7 vacancies
Environment - 4 vacancies
Mathematics and Physical Sciences - 5 vacancies
Medicine and Health - 13 vacancies

If you think you would be interested in becoming a member of the Senate and would like to find out more about what that entails, see the Secretariat website or contact Helen Pickersgill once the elections open.  The deadline for nominations is 12 noon on Friday 3 March

The results of the recent elections by all members of faculties as a single constituency have now been announced.  Dr James Baxter, Professor Jeremy Clegg, Professor Mark Kelmanson and Dr Anwesha Sarkar have all been elected for three years from 1 August 2017.

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