Celebrating the 10th anniversary of DARE

A programme of special events at the Howard Assembly Rooms will mark the achievements of Opera North and the University over the last 10 years.

For the past decade, Opera North and the University of Leeds has combined the very best of both organisations to deliver an outstanding and challenging programme, which leads cultural thought, learning and practice.

Over 150 projects have been initiated since the partnership started in 2007, engaging practitioners, academics, students and audiences. 

A series of events will take place at the Howard Assembly Rooms to celebrate the 10 year partnership.

On 26 January, Sir Christopher Frayling will give a talk entitled 'Inside The Bloody Chamber' followed by a screening of La Belle et la Bete.

One of Russia's most popular tales, The Snow Maiden, will be explored at an event on 28 January. 

A screening of The Umbrellas of Cherbourg will be shown on 14 February, and The Great Beauty will be shown on 8 April.

On 24 March Stefan Collini will be giving the lecture 'Speaking of Universities', an analysis of the changes made to universities in recent years.

Finally Tariq Ali will be giving a lecture entitled 'The Dilemmas of Lenin' on 21 April.

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