LUCID launches literature scoping service for funded researchers

If you are submitting a funding proposal for your research project then LUCID can support you.

LUCID can provide free scoping searches for researchers who propose to cost paid-for LUCID literature services into their funding bids.

What is a scoping search?

A scoping search is designed to map out in broad terms the literature of a topic area by identifying key issues, theories and sources of evidence.

Scoping searches are commonly used to understand a topic area, the better to evaluate whether research is needed or feasible, and to define research questions.

A scoping search gives an overview of the existing literature, highlights any weaknesses or uncertainties, and provides clearer routes forward as regards key themes, how they might intersect, possible comparative analysis or predicted outcomes, and the general advancement of research.

A scoping search gives an indication of the depth and breadth of the research topic, and can assist with anticipating the amount of work required for a project. A scoping search is also a good way to measure other resources that may be needed for the project, and can assist in predicting timelines for the different stages of the project.

Contact us

If you would like to discuss your scoping search to help enhance your funding proposal with an information professional, please email the LUCID team.

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