Female scientists make your voice heard

Are you a female scientist who is passionate about your work, and eager to explore your topic in creative ways? If so, then Soapbox Art & Science needs you.

Dr Rebecca Thompson takes part in Soapbox Science, Newcastle, 2016


Soapbox Scientists stand on busy urban streets and talk to the passersby about their work. They share their knowledge, answer the public’s questions, and above all they share their passion and thirst for the advancement of science.  It's a fresh, no-frills, grass-roots approach to bringing science to people on the streets, especially those who wouldn’t otherwise come across science in their daily lives.

Now's the time to apply to take part in next year's Soapbox Science events, including those scheduled for Leeds in October 2017.

As well as the familiar Soapbox Scientist opportunities, 2017 will also see an alternative new approach: scientists can be joined up with artists who'll work with them to produce innovative new ways to communicate their science.  If you'd like to go down this route, you can apply with an artist, or the Soapbox Science organisers will match you up with someone with similar interests.

You'll receive some training at a Soapbox Art & Science workshop in January and have a fantastic chance to meet other women in science from around the country.

Dr Rebecca Thompson, an Astbury Centre researcher, took part last year, explaining to the crowds in Newcastle her research on powerful electron microscopes. Read more about her experience on this website

Dr Thompson is happy to answer questions by email or on 0113 3434370.

If you'd like to apply, the deadline for applications is Friday 18 November 2016. Apply here.

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