PubhD comes to Leeds

A new event is calling on enthusiastic PhD students and researchers from all disciplines across all universities in Leeds to discuss their research with the public in a casual environment.

PubhD (pub + PhD) is a regular monthly event set in a pub in Leeds city centre. It began in Nottingham, but has since spread with branches in Glasgow, Liverpool, Birmingham, Portugal, and now Leeds.

Each presenter will give a talk around 10 minutes long. The main aim of the evening is to discuss the research, so the question sessions are around 20 to 30 minutes after the talk. There is a strict no PowerPoint rule for presenters, but a whiteboard for drawings is provided and props are encouraged too. The audience are asked to donate £1 each to go towards a drink for each of the speakers.

A blog detailing the first two events can be found here

A wide range of speakers have already appeared, discussing a diversity of topics such as Robin Hood, proteomimetics in chemistry research, hamstring injury in footballers, feminism, death metal and deep sea mining. 

The next event will take place in August. To find out more, or to enquire about presenting, email Katie Timms.

Alternatively contact the group via Twitter, or through their Facebook group. 

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