New promotions criteria

The new promotions criteria for Support and Professional & Managerial staff are now available.

They can be found on the HR website.

Work to develop this new criteria builds on the feedback that many of you gave in the promotions meetings run last summer and via our website. As a result of that feedback, you will find a ‘pick and mix’ approach, so for each grade there is a shorter mandatory Section A followed by a range of options in the Section B criteria.  This allows for more flexibility than previously. The process is also designed to be less bureaucratic with fewer, clearer criteria and removes the duplication of information that people described in our existing process. Guidance documents have been developed, again reflecting feedback on what would be helpful when preparing an application.

We have developed the new criteria with the Trades Unions to ensure that the promotions process is inclusive to all staff. The existing and new processes are running in parallel for a period of six months to give staff who have already started to prepare an application the choice of continuing with that process. This parallel period will end on 30 November 2016.

If you have any queries on the promotions process, please direct them to your HR team in the first instance.

Written by Jo Squires

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