Two national awards for University services teams

Innovative initiatives by the Facilities Directorate Marketing team and the Residential Services team have been recognised at the College and University Business Officers Awards 2016.


Leeds won the Best Marketing Campaign for the Refresh card loyalty campaign and was also a joint winner of the Innovation Award for Excellence in Student Experience.

Aimed at keeping customers on campus and business within the University, the multi-channel promotional campaign for the Refresh card was a fantastic success and significantly improved loyalty to Great Food at Leeds cafes across campus.

Sue Pimblett, Facilities Directorate Marketing and Communications Manager, said: “I'm very proud that the FD marketing team has received recognition from our peers across the sector for all of its hard work on the Refresh campaign and the fantastic impact this has had on customer loyalty.”

For the Innovation Award, Residential Services received acclaim for their exciting engagement and sustainability project at Devonshire Halls. This involved students and staff caring for a brood of British Welfare Trust Hens which came into their care in July 2015.

Director of Residential Services Ian Robertson said: “Sustainability is embedded in all that the University does. This project started out with sustainability at its core but has developed into so much more. The chickens have brought together teams of students and staff, and given students opportunities to meet new people, learn new skills and have fun!  It has also given them an opportunity to work in collaboration with staff and has enhanced the student experience.  Those taking part have discovered a respect and admiration for these clever and adaptable birds, and have embraced the opportunity to care for and appreciate them first hand.”

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