Sustainability Awards 2016

The annual University Sustainability Awards celebrated and recognised sustainability engagement and progress on campus and further afield.

Sustainability awards 2016

The Vice-Chancellor, Sir Alan Langlands, presented the Awards and highlighted this year’s key achievements which included achieving ISO14001 accreditation, the launch of the Community Mentoring Scheme and continued work with IntoUniversity.

Dennis Hopper, Director of Facilities Management, presented the Green Impact (GI) awards which celebrate the work of the 33 teams who took part.

The Sustainability Awards marked the end of this year’s GI programme. Over 1,000 actions were completed through the scheme, all working to increase sustainability of the University. There were three Platinum level teams and a big influx of enthusiastic new teams looking to make positive changes in their departments. The projects enabled teams to focus on a particular project or issue, and included the creation of an urban allotment and sustainability area by the Secretariat GI team. There was also a fantastic contribution from the student GI project assistants who help teams complete GI Impact workbooks.

The University’s GI scheme continues to be one of the most successful schemes in the country.

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Sustainability Awards winners

Embedding Sustainability through Collaboration: Brenda Frater for embedding sustainability in Deuchars lab through a number of initiatives, including creating a chemical inventory and organising recycled gift exchanges.

Building Knowledge and Capacity: Dr Matthew Davis for leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility teaching and his work with the M&s Company Archive which has helped to promote student engagement with sustainability issues.

Being a Positive Partner in Society: Jen Dyer for developing the Community Enterprise Module which gives students the chance to work with third sector organisations, and her work with the Sustainability Action Group and Community Mentoring Scheme.

Making the Most of Resources: Ellie Cope and Richard Lewis for developing the Flexible Framework and achieving Level 4 of this purchasing framework which integrates sustainability into the University supply chain.

Sustainable Purchasing Award: Joanne Burns for the creating sustainability SMART targets within purchasing which record the sustainability benefits from purchasing decisions, enabling the compilation of a database of sustainability value.

The Special Green Impact Award winners

Best Green Impact Project assistant: Faridah Rahman

Biggest Individual Contribution to Green Impact award: Andy Connelly

Best new team award: LIME Green Impact team.

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