University’s response to gender pay claims

As part of an ongoing national dispute, there are suggestions of an academic gender pay gap across the sector. In the interests of transparency here is the most recent data for the University.

The data, which is from mid-June, shows that at almost all academic grades, we pay male and female staff equally – ‘equal pay for work of equal value’. Where there is a marginal difference in pay, this is sometimes in favour of men, but on other occasions in favour of women. Overall, a straight average of male and female pay across all grades does show a gap – the origin of this is that we have proportionately more male than female staff at higher grades. It is for precisely this reason that we recently revised and launched new promotions criteria to remove any potential gender bias.

We do recognise however, that the data shows a more significant gap at the professorial level and particularly at the highest zone (zone 3). Professorial zoning has only been introduced more recently at Leeds and is designed to address this discrepancy.

In addition, our commitment to Athena SWAN principles means we are undertaking a great deal of additional work across all areas that may benefit gender equality. 

The data below is based on average salaries for all academics, including researchers and teaching staff:

  • Grade 6 – pay gap of £0.5k; 1.5% in favour of men
  • Grade 7 – pay gap of £0.4k; 1.2% in favour of women
  • Grade 8 – pay gap of £0.2k; 0.4% in favour of women
  • Grade 9 – pay gap of £0.7k; 1.3% in favour of men
  • Professorial zone 1 – pay gap of £1.9k; 2.7% in favour of men
  • Professorial zone 2 – pay gap of £0.6k; 0.8% in favour of women
  • Professorial zone 3 – pay gap of £7k; 6% in favour of men.

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