LeedsOmics research group to launch

Join the LeedsOmics founders - Drs Niamh Forde, Mary O'Connell, and Julie Aspden - along with Professors Paul Stewart and John Ladbury to celebrate the launch of this new research group.


LeedsOmics aims to create a virtual institute for researchers working in genomics, transcriptomics, translatomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenomics and other '-omics'.

Researchers in all these areas are spread across different schools and faculties, and the group will give them the opportunity to interact both remotely and in person.  It will provide support and infrastructure, host activities including research discussions, exchange knowledge, facilitate joint grant proposals, and provide training.

Read more about LeedsOmics.

The group is formally launching on Tuesday 21 June at 10-11am in the LIDA Boardroom (Level 11, Worsley Building).  You can register to attend the launch through Eventbrite.

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