Leeds researcher secures Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) grant

Dr Jasjit Singh’s project about Sikh radicalisation in Britain was one of ten funded, out of over 100 applications.

Jasjit singh

The call, offering £1.25m, was the first round of commissioning by CREST for original research for understanding, mitigating and countering threats to national and international security.

Dr Singh said: “A number of recent headlines have talked about the issue of ‘Sikh radicalisation’ in Britain, an issue which has received much political and media attention, but little academic attention to date.” This project will investigate ‘Sikh radicalisation’ in Britain, by:

  • Undertaking an in depth review of relevant literature on Sikh local/transnational networks, mobilisation and activism in Britain
  • Examining who participates in different types of networks, mobilisation and activism and why
  • Investigating the continuing impact of historical trajectories on British Sikhs, how they learn about, interpret and act upon current events in the Panjab and violent/non-violent reaction(s) to these events
  • Interrogating the idea, context and framing of ‘Sikh radicalisation’ in the UK and considering the changing nature and realities of Sikh activism in Britain
  • Examining how the post 9/11 application of ‘radicalisation’ and ‘extremism’ to British Muslims has impacted on British Sikhs.

Dr Singh continued: “I am delighted to have been successful in obtaining this funding which will allow me to examine a topic which is as important to Sikhs as it is to policy makers. As one of the few academics specialising in the lives of Sikhs in Diaspora, I look forward to engaging with British Sikhs to interrogate the context of ‘Sikh radicalisation’ in the UK.”

Speaking about the announcement the Director of CREST, Professor Paul Taylor, said: “We were delighted with the outstanding response to our call. Standing out against stiff competition, the successful projects promise innovation, rigour, and results that will make a difference to how we understand and counter security threats. I am looking forward to working with them.”

See more information about the selection process and the successful projects.

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