Scholarship phishing scam

The University has had reports that potential students have received WhatsApp messages appearing to come from the University offering scholarships.

It is a phishing scam aimed at getting potential students to reveal their bank details. The University does not contact potential students in this way.

What can I do to protect myself?

Unfortunately, phishing attacks are on the rise, so please be extra vigilant when opening emails or other messages. Remember:

  • Be very wary of email attachments - if you're not sure who an attachment is from or whether it is genuine, do not open it
  • Never allow macros (eg in Word or Excel) to run unless you are sure they are genuine and safe
  • The University (or any other reputable company) won't ask you to reply to an email with your username, password or other information like bank account details in an email or other message. NEVER reply to these
  • If you are asked to click on a link, type the link into your browser rather than clicking on it directly. Sometimes links in emails look genuine but would actually send you to a different site
  • Don't fill in any attached forms that ask for your username and password or other personal details. We will never ask for your details in this way.

If you think you have responded to a spam email or opened an attachment with malware in please contact the IT Service Desk (0113 343 3333) immediately.

For more information see the Information Security website for Phishing advice and information on viruses and malware.

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