New manufacturing research at Leeds

A new research team specialising in manufacturing processes and associated teaching has joined the University.

Russel harris and robert kay

Led by Professor Russell Harris and Dr Robert Kay, the team will undertake research in future manufacturing processes that will complement and further the University’s ambitions related to High Value Engineering and Health.

The team – which was previously based at Loughborough University – brings with it a unique vision and portfolio of research around novel manufacturing processes. The strategy to deliver this is based on hybrid and multi-systems fabrication, comprising digitally-driven, template-less manufacturing processes which incorporate emerging fields of science and technology to realise new capability, devices, and applications that add value to our society and economy.

Professor Harris says: “In essence we seek to drive new innovations in products and applications by enabling new ways to make them. In all of our work we aim to add value, particularly in terms of functionality.

“We’re delighted to join the University, where we see many opportunities to further our interdisciplinary research in conjunction with colleagues across campus. We’ve been greatly impressed by Leeds’ embedded ethos of delivering the highest quality research alongside outstanding teaching, and believe we share common values and ambitions. We feel that we will significantly benefit from Leeds environment of great people and great support, and likewise be able to make a significant contribution to the continued growth of the institution. In addition, we also expect to further strengthen and support our research partnerships with other UK academia and industry.”

The team’s current research areas include prosthetics, rehabilitation, and robotics, and it is particularly recognised for its number and range of collaborations, both cross-discipline and across different institutions. It has collaborations across 16 different UK Universities, including several Schools at the University, and multiple clinical and industrial organisations. The team will be based in the newly refurbished Engineering building.

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