Dr Andrea Utley

Celebrating the University's 'Women of Achievement 2016': Dr Andrea Utley, School of Biomedical Sciences.

Woa 2016 andrea utley

Dr Andrea Utley was joint winner of the 2015 Cutlers’ Surgical Prize, one of the most prestigious annual prizes for innovation in the design or application of surgical instruments or surgical techniques. Dr Utley co-developed the Yorkshire Micro Forcep, a specialist tool for repairing capillaries; its design reduces potential damage to the capillary wall and places less stress on the surgeon’s hands.

Dr Utley said: “It is important to think 'outside the box' and to take on projects which may seem less relevant to your normal work – you never know where it might lead.”

Dr Utley is also group leader and reader in Motor Control and Development in the Motor and Behavioural Science Research Group. This group addresses the mechanisms of control and disorders of co-ordination in conditions such as hemiplegic cerebral palsy and Developmental Coordination Disorder. Dr Utley is particularly interested in how children and adults with a range of movement difficulties are able to control their movements in a variety of contexts.

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