Countdown to HEFCE open access policy

From Friday 1 April 2016 researchers must meet a new open access requirement in order to make their outputs eligible for submission to the next REF. Make sure you comply.


Authors must deposit all newly accepted journal articles and conference papers into institutional systems within three months of acceptance.

Deposit your paper in the University publications system as soon as possible after acceptance in order to meet this REF requirement. It will be held in the institutional repository. Papers are made open access if publisher embargoes allow.

See the guides on how to deposit a newly accepted paper.

This requirement is a result of the open access policy from HEFCE and it applies to all researchers. It means that the author accepted version of research papers must be deposited within three months of acceptance for publication, along with details of the paper. Any journal or conference publications that are not deposited within this time will not be eligible for the next REF (unless a policy exception applies).

The Library is helping researchers meet the open access requirements. The Library's research support team checks for copyright and embargoes, manages the open access repository and supports researchers to deposit papers into the system.

Find out where to get more help.

The University publications policy incorporates the HEFCE open access requirements for REF.

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