Library relaunches LUCID

The Library is relaunching LUCID, its fee-based literature search service for Leeds researchers.


LUCID supports funded researchers to reach high standards in research excellence – working closely with researchers to ensure they find pertinent literature to strengthen proposals and inform research projects.  LUCID’s expert information specialists undertake comprehensive literature searches for systematic reviews, rapid reviews, qualitative and scoping studies.

The LUCID team keeps up-to-date with the latest best practice in information retrieval, reference management and screening, ensuring the delivery of high quality, relevant information that is stored and managed using EndNote bibliographic software; additionally, references can now be screened on request.

Increasingly, information specialists are becoming an integral part of research projects, covering all aspects of each project’s literature searching plan. Some funders now insist on costing information specialists into projects, well aware that systematic, transparent and reproducible searches are essential to the success of research outputs.

LUCID’s  portfolio of projects include literature searches on stroke, dementia, nursing homes, parenting styles, obesity, cancer, hearing loss, primary care, teaching methods for nursing students, medication administration, resilience and HIV.

Although LUCID works regularly on projects with a health related focus, the team also welcomes researchers of all disciplines to use our information services. To find out more about how LUCID can help you, visit the LUCID webpages on the Library website.

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